Welcome to the Pennsylvania Recorders of Deeds Association (PRODA) website!

PRODA is a state-wide membership organization of all 67 county Recorders of Deeds and Recording Officers. PRODA meets annually for an educational and business conference in various sites throughout Pennsylvania, hosted by those county Recorders of Deeds. This website was developed by PRODA to assist the general public in connecting easily with the 67 county Recording Offices in Pennsylvania, and to efficiently disseminate individual recording office information, useful related links, legislative news and updates, and general information of our organization.

The Office of the Recorder of Deeds traces its origins to the founding of the Province of Pennsylvania by William Penn in 1682. By 1683 official land records, deeds and mortgages were being recorded in Philadelphia. As additional Pennsylvania Counties were formed each County would have their own office of the Recorder of Deeds.

The Act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly of May 28, 1715 provided that: "Each Recorder’s Office shall be provided with parchment, or good large books, of royal or other large paper, well bound and covered, wherein he shall record, in a fair and legible hand, all deeds and conveyances."

Then, in an Act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly of March 18, 1775, the Recorder was required to: Keep a "fair book", i.e. to keep a record of the date and parties to the instrument and the location of the land, and to "record all deeds and writings in regular succession according to their priority of time in being brought into said office".

Although Recorders no longer make transcriptions with quill and parchment, they are still required to preserve every document recorded in their offices back to the founding of their particular County. Today, documents are usually retained and are searchable on computers as digital images. All recordings are also backed up offsite on microfilm; microfilm is currently in the process of being replaced by digital PDF/A, or Archival PDF, format. In addition to being accessible through each County, this new format will also be required to be backed up securely and stored offsite.

Please feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting our site.

Jeanne Sorg
President of PRODA, 2020-2021
Montgomery County